7 Signs You’re Showing Contempt Toward Your Spouse

show contempt

Respected marriage expert John Gottman says that contempt is one of the clearest indicators that a relationship is not going to survive.

Contempt may seem like such a strong word that you dismiss the thought of it being a problem in your marriage, but take a moment to ask yourself whether you have ever shown disrespect or disdain to or for your spouse, or have looked down on them, or been scornful for some reason.

Is Your Marriage Up to Par?

up to par

Marriage has been compared to everything from a marathon (you’re in it for the long run!) to a football game (it’s how you play as a team that counts!), but with the U.S. Open coming up next month, I’m reminded that it’s also like the game of golf.

With that in mind, here are six ways life on the fairways and the greens is similar to building a life together. Take some time to evaluate how you score as you consider the ways in which experiencing a rich marriage is like enjoying a good game of golf.