#137: 10 Questions to Ask Your Spouse Every Year

questions to ask your spouse

Good conversations lead to connection and intimacy. The best way to facilitate a good conversation is to ask great questions. Whether you feel like you know your spouse well or not, there are questions that will be helpful. The spouse who becomes an expert in the art of asking questions is the spouse who will win their spouse’s heart. Susan and I will be going through ten questions to ask your spouse every year (or more often if you’d like).

Is Your Family Displaying Hospitality?

practice hospitality

When I was growing up, our friends came to our home all the time. My parents always welcomed my friends and my brothers’ friends. And there was always a lot of food and fun. But, more and more, I’m seeing families keeping to themselves. More people are guarded and internally focused. Perhaps the time has come for more hospitality at home.

Why You Must Embrace Change in Your Marriage

embrace change

Change is a constant in life and in marriage. Over time, who we are and how we see each other changes. When Susan and I got married, she was attracted to my strong and decisive personality and I to her spontaneous creativity and fun-loving attitude.

But through the years, what we actually needed from each other changed. From me, Susan has at times needed more gentleness and empathy. And I’ve needed to learn to flex to that. Sometimes I’ve needed more one-on-one time, more order and structure from her, and she’s adapted, too.