#93: How to Break Your Child’s Sense of Entitlement (Podcast)

sense of entitlement

Does your child believe they deserve certain things? That they are entitled? An entitlement is something that is granted to someone without them having to earn it. It is given without any effort. It is a right. And unfortunately, our culture is encouraging our children to pursue this sense of entitlement.

But with Thanksgiving right around the corner, it seems fitting to discuss how to replace our children’s sense of entitlement with a spirit of thankfulness. Well, on today’s podcast, my wife, Susan, and I will be sharing how to break your child’s sense of entitlement.

Take the Test: Do You Put Your Spouse First?

love your spouse

Do you love your spouse more than anything else in the world? Or, do you find yourself loving things, your kids, your job, or your hobbies more than your spouse? Marriage is the centerpiece of the family. Research has shown time and again that a strong marriage has immense, innumerable benefits for the kids, community, and society.

But no matter how much “in love” you are when you first get married, other things (some of them really good things!) will eventually compete for your time and affection.

Here are some ways you might be loving things, kids, career, or friends more than your spouse and what to do about them.

The Right Way to Prepare for Difficult Conversations

difficult conversations

No matter how nice you are, no matter how nice the people around you are, there will be times when you need to have a difficult conversation. Occasional tough talks are just a part of life.

Maybe you have to talk with your spouse about a concern you have over something in your marriage. Or, maybe one of your children has made some seriously poor choices that need addressing. Perhaps there’s a situation at work that has to be addressed with either your boss or a subordinate. Whatever it is, you know that ignoring it is only going to make things worse.

Some people avoid conflict at all costs, swallowing their frustration. But it only builds up inside, causing resentment that keeps a distance in the relationship. On the other hand, some people are all too ready to jump in on situations and only end up widening the gap by their forcefulness or insensitivity.

By taking these six “right” steps, it is possible to prepare for a tough conversation that is more likely to resolve things and make your relationship stronger, rather than keep you apart.