3 Ways to Love Your Family with Technology

love your family

When it comes to relationships, technology has developed a bit of a bad reputation and some of it is certainly justified. So many parents are living with digitally distracted kids and diminished family time. But before you completely hop on the bandwagon of banning technology from your home and life, consider how you can use […]

#070: How to Be an All Pro Dad with Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Caldwell (Podcast)

a good father

Being a dad is my most important job. And, as in any job, we have to understand our mission and our goals for that job. An executive needs to understand the goals for his company. A head football coach needs to understand the mission for his team – coaches and players. So, as fathers, we […]

3 Things to Do When a Dream Dies

when a dream dies

When a dream dies, when the thing you’ve wanted for so long is gone, there is a real sense of loss, disappointment, sadness, and heartache. It’s painful when you have a dream of a certain job, a certain position, or a certain home that will never be realized. And that pain is magnified when the […]