Who Am I: Know Your Makeup

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A few years ago, our house flooded so badly we had to gut the house and take it down to the studs. It was at this time that our contractor found some problems with our house’s foundation. There were some cracks and deterioration in the pillars that were holding up the house. My contractor explained that if we didn’t fix the foundation, we could do all the framing, drywall, painting to make the house look nice all we wanted but without making the foundation sound, we’d always struggle to have a firm structure.

5 Things Every Wife Desires on a Date with Her Husband

what wives need from their husbands

Regularly scheduled and spontaneous date nights long have been effective for spouses to build and deepen their relationship. And with limited options during a pandemic that has stressed a lot of marriages, having date nights is harder than usual. But it’s part of what wives need from their husbands. While I continue to advocate for […]