#034: Marriage Wisdom from an Unlikely Source with Kyle Idleman (Podcast)

marriage wisdom

On today’s episode we have Kyle Idleman—the bestselling author, pastor, and movie producer.  Kyle’s book, not a fan., sold half a million copies and provided video curriculum for over 10,000 churches.  He is also a teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church, working with one of the nation’s largest congregations of nearly 21,000 people.  Most recently, Kyle took […]

How to React to Porcupine People in Your Life

porcupine people

  Recently, I made a Confession: I am a Porcupine.  But I’m not alone.  Every person exhibits porcupine-ish characteristics at some point. We all have trigger points that cause us to get frustrated,  irritated, and perhaps lash out at others…especially those closest to us. Here are 7 Common Trigger Points that Make People Prickly. Now […]

How to Guarantee Your Teen Learns Nothing from Bad Decisions

teen decisions

  A careless car accident.  An incriminating post on Instagram or Facebook. Cheating on a test. Drinking alcohol or taking drugs with “friends.” In every family with a teenager, something disappointing is bound to happen. No matter how many rules you have in place or how many conversations you’ve had with them, your teen will […]