#036: Loving Your Child Through Teenage Rebellion (Podcast)

teenage rebellion

Let’s face it: Teenage rebellion is nothing new. Every child everywhere goes through a season of rebellion against their parents — whether small or serious. So as parents, we are left with a decision to make. We can raise our white flag in surrender. We can go to battle with our kids. Or we can […]

5 Ways to Hug a Porcupine

hug a porcupine

It’s easy to love people when they are kind and sweet, but what about when they’re tired and cranky or even mean and nasty? One of the hardest things to do is to love unlovable, prickly porcupine people. In previous posts, I’ve confessed my porcupine-ish tendencies, addressed the trigger points that often turn people into […]

Marriage Lessons from a Wise King

marriage lessons

Recently, Susan and I were thrilled to attend the Nashville premiere of a deep, moving drama,  The Song. The inspiration for the film comes from the life and writings of the ancient King Solomon, a man known in history for being the wisest of all wise men. He wanted to do things right. He wanted […]