4 Ways to be an Intentional Listener

intentional listener

I have to confess that after 27 years of marriage, with many lessons learned and advice shared about marriage and family leadership, I’m still learning right along with you. I’m still learning to listen after all these years.

But my listening skills are actually only part of the issue. I’m learning that how well I listen, and show that I’m listening, is directly tied to how well I understand Susan, which is a big need in her heart. Here’s my most recent example:

7 Benefits to Taking a Walk with your Spouse

taking walks together

Susan and I spend most of our waking hours with our children, family, and working to serve you through our Family First programs—All Pro Dad, iMOM and Family Minute. But we want to make sure that we make time together a top priority. We’ve found a good way to do that is by walking together at night with our dogs, Katie and Ella. Sometimes it’s one time a week, sometimes it’s more.

Spending time together is a critical component of a healthy marriage. But if date nights are hard to come by and if it’s tough to create leisure time in your busy schedules, try taking a walk with your spouse. It could be once a day or once a week. It could be morning or evening. Summer is a great time to make regular walks together a habit. The weather is usually more pleasant for walking this time of year. So give it a try!

#111 6 Things That Keep Couples Connected (Podcast)

keep couples connected

Every husband and wife want to feel connected with one another…but sometimes busyness, the daily grind, stress and strain can get in the way and cause a feeling of NOT being connected…and when that happens, “marriage drift” sometimes occurs and you drift farther and farther apart without even knowing it.

The key to staying connected is to be intentional. 6 things you can be intentional about…

If your marriage is good, these six things can help you grow closer. If your marriage is so-so or even worse, they could help you give it a push in the right direction towards bonding time with your spouse. It’s important to stay connected as a couple and Susan and have learned these 6 things in our 27 years of marriage…