Who Am I: Know Your Makeup

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A few years ago, our house flooded so badly we had to gut the house and take it down to the studs. It was at this time that our contractor found some problems with our house’s foundation. There were some cracks and deterioration in the pillars that were holding up the house. My contractor explained that if we didn’t fix the foundation, we could do all the framing, drywall, painting to make the house look nice all we wanted but without making the foundation sound, we’d always struggle to have a firm structure.

5 Struggles Every Man Faces

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In the movie Shadowlands, about the true love story of beloved author and Oxford professor C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman, Lewis says to one of his pupils, “We read to know we’re not alone.” I hope this blog provides that same sense of connectedness because the problems men face aren’t unique. We’re all facing the […]

5 Principles of Leadership for Home, Work, and Life

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Leadership books have been shaping and influencing careers for decades. Some of my favorite books blend critical principles of leadership with compelling narratives, relatable characters, and compelling questions like what you’ll find in Todd Gongwer’s Lead for God’s Sake. I’ve observed that the best leadership principles are based on biblical principles and are applicable to every […]