3 B’s Every Parent Must Know When Talking to a Son about Pornography

porn talk with your son

The “pornification” of our culture is immense, destructive, and much more pervasive than when I was growing up. Pornography is being pushed upon our children and grandchildren like never before. And, of course, we all know that it is just one click away from our children. Many research studies have shown time and again how […]

#047: 7 Ways to Equip Your Son for Manhood (Podcast)

equip your son for manhood

When my boys were young, I couldn’t imagine what they’d be like as men. But before I knew it, they were growing up. Learning to catch in the backyard turned into Friday night touchdowns. The spelling bee turned into the SAT. And chasing girls on the playground turned into chasing girls down to be their […]

How to Handle Rambunctious Relatives During the Holidays

handle relatives

Recently, I wrote a blog, 3 Things to Remember When Young Adult Kids Are Home for the Holidays. While that certainly covered some potential challenges during the holiday season, I’d like to address some other sticky situations and offer some suggestions on how to handle rambunctious relatives during the holidays. Every family has relationships that […]