4 Insights When Your Spouse Irritates You

when your spouse irritates you

Getting irritated by your spouse is an occupational hazard for marriage. It happens in all marriages…some more than others. Sometimes I frustrate and annoy Susan. I confessed that when I wrote about how I can be like a prickly porcupine. And sometimes Susan can get on my nerves too. Take a recent weekend this summer for example. […]

I Don’t Trust God with My Wife

trust God

About a year ago, I wrote a post, Why My Marriage Walk Has Not Matched My Marriage Talk, and I listed several ways I was committing to take my own marital advice. Then this year, I reposted it, with an update on how I was doing with that commitment. At the end of that updated post, I […]

#034: Marriage Wisdom from an Unlikely Source with Kyle Idleman (Podcast)

marriage wisdom

On today’s episode we have Kyle Idleman—the bestselling author, pastor, and movie producer.  Kyle’s book, not a fan., sold half a million copies and provided video curriculum for over 10,000 churches.  He is also a teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church, working with one of the nation’s largest congregations of nearly 21,000 people.  Most recently, Kyle took […]