Who Am I: Know Your Makeup

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A few years ago, our house flooded so badly we had to gut the house and take it down to the studs. It was at this time that our contractor found some problems with our house’s foundation. There were some cracks and deterioration in the pillars that were holding up the house. My contractor explained that if we didn’t fix the foundation, we could do all the framing, drywall, painting to make the house look nice all we wanted but without making the foundation sound, we’d always struggle to have a firm structure.

7 Things Husbands Should Never Be Afraid to Say to Their Wives

things a husband should say to his wife

Every marriage encounters difficulties because of the different ways each spouse hears, processes, interprets, and responds to what the other says. Susan and I have learned through our 30 years of marriage that there are certain things a husband should say to his wife. We also have learned that more often than not, how a […]

What COVID-19 Revealed in Me

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Airlines are obsessed with passenger safety, constantly inspecting aircraft for signs of corrosion and fatigue in the metal components. Microscopic cracks called stress fractures develop over repeated flights, indicating underlying damage that—if ignored—would become catastrophic. But the cracks aren’t the problem; they’re actually a gift of sorts. They show the mechanics exactly where maintenance is […]