5 Ways to Give Your Spouse Your Best

give your best

I don’t mind leftovers every once in a while. In fact, I like them sometimes. It just makes sense to have that leftover meatloaf instead of wasting it. Sometimes it’s just plain necessary because of financial or time constraints.

Well, sometimes leftovers are necessary in our relationships, too. If a child is sick for a few days, Dad may not get all the attention from Mom that he wants. If he just found out that he has to work the extra shift, she may have to understand that the romantic dinner will have to be rescheduled. You get the picture. The cares of this world—fatigue, sickness, finances, jobs—sometimes create roadblocks in relationships.

How to Be Set Free From the Prison of Want

the power of gratitude

Every single one of us knows what it feels like to want something. From the moment we take our first breath, we loudly assert our desire for something that we want. We want food, we want comfort, we want sleep, we want to be held. As an infant, our wants are simple, but as we grow, we learn to want more. We want a particular toy, we want a certain snack, we want just the right pair of shoes. The older we get, the more elaborate, and sometimes more expensive, our wants become. We want more money, we want designer clothing, we want the biggest house, we want the perfect spouse.

#048: 5 Ways to Be Your Daughter’s Hero (Podcast)

to be a hero

When my daughters were young, it was easy to be their hero. All I had to do was carry them around the house on my shoulders, read them their favorite story, or play with them in the yard. But as my daughters have grown up, I’ve found that my relationships with them aren’t so simple. Between school and friends and boys, things have become way more complicated. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get back on track in my relationships with my daughters. So join me on today’s show as we share 5 ways to be a hero to your daughter.