6 Powerful Parenting Questions

questions for kids

Having spent 10 years practicing law early in my career, I learned that asking the right questions is critical to finding truth and getting results. But when dealing with our kids’ emotions and relationship struggles, conversations can feel really one-sided. To have good conversations with our kids, we need to ask 6 powerful parenting questions. Educators have understood this for centuries, as evidenced by the Socratic Method that uses a series of questions to help students discover answers, not just hear facts.

Are You Raising Producers or Consumers? What is the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

selfish children

Our culture continually encourages our kids to be self-centered. Everything is customizable to make life “all about me.” Our kids are being trained to be consumers of other people’s stuff. But are they learning to be producers, creating new things, expressing inspiring ideas? The consuming mentality is draining the life and future out of our kids. We are gaining selfish children instead of serving kids. So let’s talk about the differences between raising producers instead of consumers, and why it matters.

The Do’s and Don’ts When Arguing with your Spouse

reading body language

We all know how important it is to watch our words when we are having a disagreement with our spouse. It’s easy to let wounding words slip out. But it’s not just what we say that we need to be careful about (here is What Not to Say to To Your Spouse During a Fight and 9 Things to Say to Your Spouse During a Fight), but what we do during an argument as well. Reading body language well can really help resolve conflicts with your spouse.