26 Meaningful Things I’ve Learned in 26 Years of Marriage

meaningful things

In 26 years you can learn a lot about something. And let me tell you, I’ve learned a ton in my 26 years of marriage. Over the last few years, I’ve shared much of what I’ve learned through my blog posts.

So today, I’ve put together 26 of the most meaningful things I’ve learned in 26 years of marriage. Here they are…

I’ve learned:

1.      The key to building intimacy in my marriage.

2.      I will make mistakes.

3.      We will struggle.

4.      What it means to forgive.

5.      How to fight conflict.

6.      How to avoid storms.

7.      What my wife wants to hear from me.

8.      What I need to hear from my wife.

9.      How to be my best for her.

10.   How to make my wife feel secure.

11.   How to survive the busy seasons.

12.   How to communicate with my wife.

13.   That my wife is not my enemy.

14.   How to make my wife feel beautiful.

15.   How to be her boyfriend.

16.   How to avoid an affair.

17.   How to manage my expectations for our relationship.

18.   What to do when my wife annoys me.

19.   How to protect my marriage from pornography.

20.   What to do when I feel lonely in marriage.

21.   How to filter what I say.

22.   How to increase my compliment to criticism ratio.

23.   How to control my tongue.

24.   How not to expect too much from my wife.

25.   How to change same old fights.

26.   How to rebuild trust.

What are the most meaningful things you’ve learned in your marriage? Would you share them in a comment below? Thanks so much!

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