5 Dreams You Should Have For Your Kids

vision for future

I’m not the biggest believer in retirement. At least, not the one that involves solely resting and recreation. Even traveling after a while will run its course. The ancient proverb declares, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” The idea is that we all need a sense of direction, or an inspired road map, to help us achieve the very best. It’s no wonder that many retirees pass away soon after they stop working. Human beings need something to strive towards: a purpose or vision for what their life should look like.

We love our children and we want the best for them, but without a vision or dream they are destined to get stuck. They need a sense of direction and as their dad, you have an opportunity to help them start dreaming. Here are 5 dreams for the future every father should have for his child.

1. Grow up to be a person with integrity.

Hoping and wishing won’t cut it here. This is the time to be making plans and following through. Fortunately, the game plan starts with you. Believe it or not, you are your child’s number one role model. So take care of business; be an unrelenting example of truth, kindness, and what is right. Don’t just walk that old lady across the road, mow her yard and take your kids with you to pull weeds. When your kids see Dad shine with selflessness and generous love, you’re more than halfway there.

2. Realize their potential.

We all want our kids to be happy. Contentment is tied closely to realizing our potential. Don’t allow compromise to get a foothold. Encourage them to do their best. Demonstrate how cool it is to love at capacity, to work at capacity, to have fun at capacity, and to serve others at capacity.

3. Have a strong family.

By dreaming of a family for his child, dads also value their own family and recommit to them. Strong families are the key structural component of a healthy society. It’s critical that we not only value our own family but also prepare our children to have strong families too. Train your child to be faithful, loving, kind, generous, and committed by modeling it.

4. Have deep faith.

“When your focus in life turns inward, focusing on yourself, you begin to lose God’s purpose for your life, to love Him and others.” -Tony Dungy

There’s a huge correlation between satisfaction in life and finding faith. We want our kids to do well, to be the best that they can be, and to find meaning in all they do. This kind of dreaming begs for an ongoing relationship with the Creator. It’s a simple truth that finding faith is crucial to the future well-being of our children. The best place to begin this journey is in the home. Make sure that finding faith is a dream you and your children can share.

5. Fulfill a purpose.

We know only too well how important it is to work in an occupation that’s fulfilling. Dream big for your child, and make sure your child is well-equipped with academics, social skills, and a strong work ethic. But don’t confuse remuneration with reward. It’s important that you help your child dream this one right.

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