#080: How to Fight Your Most Important Battles with Tony Dungy (Podcast)

We all face battles in life and in marriage. So how do we fight these battles well? In the new movie War Room, we’re reminded of our most important weapons…humility, sacrifice, and prayer. So on today’s show, we’ll be talking with former NFL coach and current sports analyst Tony Dungy about how to use these weapons to fight marriage conflict well.

First, we must engage conflict with humility. This means listening to our spouse, looking out for their best interests, and realizing we won’t always be right. Second, we must sacrifice. Instead of standing our ground, sometimes we must lay down our wants and reinforce our spouses—even when we don’t feel like it. Third, we must pray. It’s crucial we look to God as our Commanding Officer to fight the battles we cannot fight for ourselves.

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Discussion Recap 

3 Ways to Fight Your Most Important Battles in Marriage

  1. Engage with Humility
  2. Be Ready to Sacrifice
  3. Be Willing to Pray

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