What’s My Purpose?: Know Your Mind-set

change your mindset


You have to understand your ultimate purpose and responsibilities in your job to do it well. What would you think of an executive if he didn’t know the mission of his company? What about a football coach who didn’t know the purpose for his team? What would your reaction be if a military general said he didn’t understand his objectives on the battlefield? If a manager was never given a job description, do you think he’d understand the responsibilities of his position? You’d expect all of them to fail, and in some cases, maybe even be fired, right?

Well, the same holds true in your job as a dad. In yesterday’s blog, I talked about the first essential M dads must know to be a hero to their kids. In this video, Tony Dungy and I discuss the second M from my book, All Pro Dad, that fathers must know—Mind-set—and we address a man’s most important job and his mission as a dad.

Key Points Recap:

  • The mind-set of many fathers is thinking that their job as a dad is to be just a provider and protector. An All Pro Dad needs to have a new Mind-set.
  • Navy SEALS are physically and mentally tough. Their job and their mission are all-important.  A dad’s got to be mentally tough too and needs to have the mind-set that being a dad is his most important job and that his mission is all-important.
  • Our biggest fear in life shouldn’t be failure; it should be succeeding at things in life that don’t matter.  A father’s mission matters. What is that mission? To love and lead our children.
  • And father’s got to have clear goals to accomplish that mission. I talk about specific, practical goals that dads can use to accomplish that mission in Chapter 3 of All Pro Dad.

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