What “Doing What Matters” Looks Like


I’ve always sought to spend lots of intentional time with each of my children. I admire the men in my life, especially my co-workers, who fight daily to make time with their children a priority. Today, I want to share an encouraging story with you from Brian, one of Family First’s staff members, about how “doing what matters” creates opportunities to love on his kids and how you can too.

When my children were younger and still at home, I was always looking for new ways to connect with them and make sure that I was actively involved in the things they were doing.  Considering how much time our children spent at school, that was one area in which I was always looking for creative ways to be more involved.  And one of the best memories I have was the time I spent at my children’s school participating in All Pro Dad’s Day breakfasts.  If you’re looking for a way to really bond with your kids and have some truly meaningful conversations this year, there is no better way to do it than volunteering to be an All Pro Dad Team Captain at their school.  And it’s really simple to get started!

With everything else you already have on your plate as a busy parent, you may be asking yourself, why should I make time for this?  Well, let me give you a couple of really good reasons:

1. Your love for your children. You love your children and they most likely already know it.  But wouldn’t it be great to do something intentional, where you know you have special time dedicated each month to talk, laugh, and really connect with them?

2. Your passion for helping others. You know it’s important to help others, but sometimes it can be a struggle to know exactly how or what to do.  Plus, you want to instill in your children the importance of helping others too.  So wouldn’t it be incredible to combine your love for your children with your passion for others?

Starting an All Pro Dad’s Day chapter at your children’s school is a very simple way to accomplish both of those things while making some lasting memories with your kids.  Take it from me; this is something you’ll be happy you did and your kids will cherish this for years to come.

So plan to make some lifelong memories with your kids and help all the families at your child’s school do the same.  Check out how easy it is to do

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