Weight of the World

Most of us know a single parent.  It’s not uncommon since the U.S. Census Bureau says there are over 12 million single parent households—10 million of these led by single mothers.

Two main struggles for these single parents include meeting daily needs and facing daily responsibilities.  Finances become a heavy burden when providing for a whole family on your income alone.  In 1998, the median income for single-mother households was $18,000; for single father households the income was $30,000. Compare this to the median income of married-couple families with children at $57,000.

In addition, single parents are constantly forced to face daily responsibilities alone.  This includes working full-time, cleaning, cooking, and caring for their kids.

The bottom line is that being a single parent is tough.  So how we can make the day in and day out job of single parenting easier?  Here is a list of 10 simple ways you can show love and support to the single parents you know:

  1. Offer to drive their kids in your carpool.
  2. Invite them over for dinner.
  3. Ask to run an errand for them.
  4. Mow their lawn.
  5. Watch their kids while they go out or take a break.
  6. Wash their car.
  7. Take their kids school shopping.
  8. Invite them out to a movie.
  9. Offer to watch their pet.
  10. Cook and bring them a meal.

Parents without a partner may not find it easy to ask for help.  So take the first step in reaching out to do what you can to lighten their load.  Because, just like you, these parents are passionate about loving their families well.

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