Marital Differences: Asset or Liability?

marriage compatibility

Are you different from your spouse? My wife Susan and I are opposites and it can be a point of contention. I often crave the marriage compatibility I observe in other couples. If you are like us, it’s easy to feel frustrated and want your spouse to be more like you. However, that might defeat the point of two people coming together in marriage as one.

Tony Evans puts it like this, “Of course you are different from your spouse. If both of you were the same, one of you would be unnecessary.”

What a game changer. Instead of viewing differences as a negative, perhaps we need to open our eyes to the opportunity that differences can bring in marriage. [Tweet This]

In this video, Susan and I share just how opposite we are. In the beginning of our marriage we viewed our differences as a liability, but after twenty-seven years of marriage (and sharing every lesson we had to learn in our two new marriage books Lists to Love By for Busy Wives and Lists to Love By for Busy Husbands), we now see them as assets and laugh at them. You can learn to laugh at and celebrate your differences too. Play the newlywed game.

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