Lead For God’s Sake


I receive a lot of unsolicited books at my office and am not able to read most of them. However, one day I received one of those books from a guy named Todd Gongwer.  For some reason, even though it was in the middle of my work day, I didn’t set the book aside but picked it up and started reading the first chapter. Then, I continued with the second chapter and the third.  Although it was tough to close, I decided I better finish it at home.  In just two evenings at home, I finished the book. There are two ways I know that a book is good.  When I read it quickly and when I do a lot of underlining and highlighting. I did both with Lead for God’s Sake.

Right after I read the book, I called Todd and expressed my gratitude to him for writing such an amazing work on leadership and life. I shared with him how Lead for God’s Sake is one of the best books on leadership that I’ve read in many years.

This is one of those books that will impact your life in some way.  Written as a modern day parable that anyone can relate to, you’ll find yourself identifying with one or more of the characters.

The book challenges us to answer meaningful questions like: Why do I do what I do?  That is, what’s my purpose?  And how everything else in our lives flows from how we answer that one question. Once you know why you were created, then you can align everything else in your life with that purpose.

There are some real surprises, twists and turns in the book that I can’t share with you. You’ll just have to get the book for yourself!

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