How to Make Your Family Vacation a Family Vacation

family trip

When I was growing up, our family had the opportunity to take many family vacations together. I remember the time we all packed into the car and drove for days out West to Yellowstone National Park. Another family trip included camping together as a family. We were also able to go snow skiing together on several vacations.

The common theme of all these trips I just mentioned is that they were each centered on family and each included some time in the great outdoors. These trips allowed us to enjoy each other and grow together as a family. So, as you start planning this year’s summer family trip, here are 4 ways to put the family back into your family vacation.

1. Go together.

The most important thing is to plan a family vacation during a time when your whole family can be there together. If your kids are in summer classes or have a summer job, this may mean having to work around their schedules. Once you find a time that works, load up the car, pile on in, and drive there together. Don’t miss out on letting the good laughs and conversations of the car ride itself be one of the best parts of the trip. Test out our new conversation app to get the talks flowing.

2. Go outdoors.

As I mentioned before, the trips I tend to remember most are the trips when my family and I spent most of our time outdoors. From camping to fly fishing to everything in between, there’s something about nature that bonds you together. So be sure that you and your family go exploring outdoors together. 

3. Go without electronics.

My biggest challenge to you and your family would be to take a vacation without, or with limitations on, electronics. If you expect your kids to not be texting or checking their Facebook constantly, then this means that you have to agree to not to be sending emails or using your phone either. Of course, I understand that for some, not using electronics for an entire week simply isn’t an option. If that’s the case, then I’d encourage you to carve out specific times in the early morning or in the late evening when you can spend some time checking emails and getting caught up. This way, you will be able to be fully present with your family during family time. 

4. Go to bed late.

After a great day, keep the fun going by utilizing every moment your family has together. Play board games, grill out on the porch, watch the sunset, point out the constellations. While on vacation, staying up late is all part of the fun of building memories together as a family.

What was your favorite family vacation you took growing up? Please share your story in a comment below.

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