How to Interview Your Daughter’s Date [Original]


I had prepared my daughters for several years.  I let them know that when they were at the stage of life where they could start a relationship with a young man, I would need to interview him first.

So when our oldest, Megan, was asked to the high school homecoming dance, it was time. Even though I prepared Megan for the moment, she was still completely embarrassed that I was going to talk to this nice young man.   Nevertheless, he came over to the house with his father.  After we caught up, I asked him, “If I gave you a million dollars what would you do with it?”   He sheepishly answered, “I guess I’d put it in a safe place like a bank.”  I continued.  “Well, Megan is worth much more than that, in fact, she’s priceless.   And I want you to make sure you take care of her and keep her safe.  If others are drinking or doing wrong things, I want you to do the right thing.”   “Yes sir”, he responded.   “Also, I want you to treat her with great honor.”   Of course, he shook his head in agreement.

After our little get together, I asked this young man to help me play a joke on my paranoid daughter.  He would call her after and say that I had a Bible in my lap and a baseball bat in my hand and started preaching to him while thumping the bat against my palm.  Well, he told her and she took the bait and came home in a tizzy.   I told her it was a joke but she didn’t believe me until several weeks later!

By interviewing young men that want to spend time with my daughters, I’m sending a message to them, and to my girls, of just how valuable my daughters are and how much they mean to me.

Do you interview your daughter’s dates?  Any stories you want to share with me?

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