Father-Daughter Bucket List


Tom: “Five minutes ago, she was sitting on my shoulders pointing at cows in Munger’s Field.”

Kate: “And then you blinked.”

Tom: “Yeah.”

Kate: “No more blinking.”

Cheaper by the Dozen

Just like Tom, we all blink. We can’t help it. It’s a natural reflex. Even when we tell ourselves not to blink, we still do.

As my five children were growing up, I tried hard not to blink too much. I did my best to be intentional about spending quantity time with my children and seize every moment I could with them. But even though I kept my eyes wide open, time still seemed to accelerate exponentially.

When we blink, even for just a moment, here’s what happens…One moment your daughter is dancing on your feet in the kitchen, the next she is getting ready to dance with a boy at prom.  One moment she is running to the door to hug you when you get home from work, the next she’s walking out the door to head to college. One moment you are planning her 6th birthday party, the next you are planning her wedding.

While I can’t slow down time, I can encourage you to make the most of the moments you do have with your daughter.  Tell your daughter you want to make a bucket list with her. Ask her what she’d like to do. By coming up with a bucket list of things you’ll do with your daughter, you will be able to dream dreams and then pursue them together.

Here are some general ideas to get you started in making your own father-daughter bucket list:

Simple ideas that cost nothing or very little:

  • Read a book together and talk about it
  • Go camping
  • Take a painting class
  • Take her to get a manicure
  • Browse in a bookstore
  • Go on a picnic in the backyard
  • Take dance lessons
  • Go trap and skeet shooting
  • Learn to ice-skate
  • Go snorkeling
  • Take her to a local sporting event of her choice
  • Find some recipes and cook together
  • Go watch the sunrise one day and the sunset the next
  • Show her where you grew up and share your childhood memories
  • Drive to the country, look at the night sky, and point out the constellations
  • Roast marshmallows and make s’mores in the fireplace or a fire pit outside
  • Serve an elderly neighbor, widow, or widower
  • Make “Manna Bags” for the poor and hungry
  • Pray together

Other ideas you can save up for:

  • Take a road trip to Washington, D.C. to see our nation’s capital
  • Go to a Broadway show
  • Take a father/daughter shopping weekend
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Take a missions trip to another country together


I hope these ideas will get you started with your list. In a comment below, please share things to add to this bucket list. It will give other fathers more ideas to help them to develop their own. 


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  • Mama

    This could be a Mother/Daughter list too.

  • Mama, good thought, my wife, Susan, has a mother-daughter list. See the Additional Resource link above. Appreciate you sharing…

  • Gabriel Garza

    Go fishing together. Then clean and cook what you catch. 🙂

  • Fishing is always a great thing to do with the kids! Thanks for your thought, Gabriel.

  • Ellen McCauley

    I wish you had a Pinterest button like Susan, so I could save this for later!

  • Ellen, there is a Pin it button at the top of the post right above the image. You should be able to pin this list and save it for later that way. Appreciate you sharing!

  • Amy

    It sort of developed organically, but my father and I now have an annual daddy-daughter date during the Christmas season- we go to a Christmas display at a garden store and browse (and critique!) the decorated trees, and have lunch together. One of my favorite events of the year (and I’m 30 now!- we’ve kept it up)

  • Gram

    Highest on my Father/Daughter list .. from little to the day Daddy walks her down the isle .. is a Father simply spending a few minutes as often as possible with a simple hug and 3 minutes of telling his Daughter how precious she is, how much he loves and appreciates her, tells her he forgives her (when it is appropriate) AND asks for her forgiveness (when appropriate as well). I like the Bucket List idea but at the same time see SO many girls looking for love and acceptance because they never received it at home from Daddy. Our daughters fondest memory is going to bed, knocking on her wall and knowing that Daddy would be in shortly with her glass of milk and a hug. It truly is The Little Things.

  • L Avila

    Could you share your template for the green Fathers Daughter Bucket List? I would like to print it to start a book for my husbands 50th – given to him by our 9yr old who is wanting to put together for him?

  • Phil Conrad

    These are great lists, thanks for posting.