The Importance of Remembering Amidst COVID-19

remembering the past

The pandemic we are living through is history in the making. Stories will be told decades from now, about how this changed everything, how it altered the course of governments, businesses, individuals and families. Yet in the middle of it all, I’m struck by how important remembering the past is, how important it is that we “remember to remember” amidst COVID-19. Our personal and collective histories are critical to how we navigate these crazy days.

The One Thing You Need to Make Tough Decisions

how to make tough decisions

Have you ever wondered how to make tough decisions well? You’ve probably had to make some over the last few weeks due to COVID-19 and its impact. You’ll probably make more in the coming days. How do I know? Because recently, I’ve Zoomed, Slacked, and had calls with many friends and when I ask how I can pray for them, the answer is universal: “I’ve got to make some tough decisions.”

Those decisions include, “How can I possibly work from home and help my kids with online school at the same time?” “I just got laid off. How can I get another job when no one is hiring?” “My elderly mom is at home all alone. Who is going to take care of her?” “My spouse and I are at home all day and all we do is bicker. What should I do?” There are hundreds of other questions we have. We all want to know how to make tough decisions. Here is the one thing we need to make them.