Are You a Role Model Worth Following?

good role models

When striving to be a role model for our kids, there will be plenty of times we fail. Our children have a funny way of calling us out when we do something that is inconsistent with what we are teaching them. For example, it’s a bit of a wake up call to have your children stop you mid-sentence because you’re talking with your mouth full at the dinner table after you’ve told them they shouldn’t. I’ve definitely done that! Good role models are intentional in their words and actions. If you desire to be a role model, who is worthy of being followed, here are 7 areas in your life that need to be evaluated and changed accordingly.

 1. Your Language

Watch what you say. Whether you think your kids are listening or not, they hear you. Be careful not to call other people names, gossip, or curse if you don’t want your kids doing the same things.

2. Your Tone

How you talk to someone is just as important as the words that are used. Be careful to speak to your spouse and others with respect. Sometimes I say the right words but my tone of voice and facial expressions don’t match.

3. Your Attitude

Negativity breeds more negativity. Have a can-do attitude for your child to be prepared to take on the world. Sometimes even the smallest attitude adjustment can go a long way.

4. Your Manners

Are your elbows on the table? Do you hold doors for women when out in public? Your children will be little gentlemen and little ladies only if you model it yourself.

5. Your Confidence

Exhibit confidence to your kids in doing what is good. Always do the right things for the right reasons.

6. Your Forgiveness

We all make mistakes. Are you modeling forgiveness for your children? And do you apologize when you are in the wrong?

7. Your Love

The greatest gift that you can give your children is love. Be a model of love for your kids. Show and tell your children that they mean the world to you. They will learn to love the way you do.

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