Angry Birds and Happy Marriages


The popular game, Angry Birds, can teach you some valuable relationship lessons.  In the game, the birds come under attack from an outside foe.  When they do, the birds have three options.  They can scatter and try to save themselves.  They can attack each other or they can join together and fight their common foe.  They wisely choose the latter and celebrate victories together.

In your relationships, you have the same choices.  When those financial, communication, or addiction foes rear their ugly heads in your marriage, you can run away from them in an attempt to save yourself from hurt or pain. Or, you can turn your anger onto your spouse and cast blame. Or, you can assess your situation and determine that you are stronger together than you are apart.  You can use your unique talents and abilities to work together to overcome whatever comes against you.  In the end, working together in your marriage will make for a healthier and more joyful relationship.

How can couples stand strong together when foes invade their relationship?  I’d appreciate your comments.

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