All Pro Dad Men’s Study Week Seven: Know Your Message


We recently crafted a new vision statement here at Family First.  A vision statement paints a picture of the future that produces a passion in people.  It’s where we want to go. Ultimately, we wanted to make sure that this is clearly communicated with the world.  This was a time-consuming project, but it was vitally important that we created a message that allows every person that we touch to instantly know where we are going and what our passion is.

Businesses and organizations aren’t the only ones with a message to share.  Every individual person has a message, as well.  That includes you.  Week 7 of the All Pro Dad men’s study focuses on why it is important to know your message and it also looks at how you can identify your life’s unique message.  Your message can be carved out of something that gives you pleasure, but most often it is created through pain you have suffered in your life – and all of us have pain.

As I mentioned on the teaching session DVD, my father struggled with alcoholism.  If you’ve ever been close to someone who has battled an addiction, you know that lies and deception come along with it.  Of course my father’s fight with alcohol caused me a great deal of pain, but that pain led me to launch Family First.  God turned that pain into a passion to speak truth about marriage, parenting, and relationships into the lives of others.

Did you ever think that the experiences in your life that caused you pain could end up working for your benefit and the benefit of others?  I’m grateful that God allowed me to go through this pain so that He could bring others hope through my message.  Perhaps one day this message will become my legacy – a gift given to my family and other families.

The life we live will determine the legacy we leave. As fathers, we must know our message so that we can be sure that we are building a legacy that we will be proud to leave to our families.   If you haven’t found your message yet, ask God to help give you clarity.  If you’d leave any questions you might have in the comments section below, I’d be pleased to help guide you as you determine your message.

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