All Pro Dad Men’s Study Week Five: Know Your Method


In the weeks leading up to week five of the All Pro Dad men’s study, we’ve learned the importance of a father knowing his makeup, mind-set, and motive.  This week’s session provides us with some practical, hands-on tools to help us know our method in our quest as fathers to better love our families.  From conversation-starting questions to suggested activities and “Dad Time” coupons, we’ve provided some awesome ways to help you create wonderful memories with your children.

Making these lasting, loving memories with your children – or “memorable monuments” as I like to call them – is a great method for us to use to better love our families.  Andy, one of our school programs specialists here at Family First and a father of two, had a great example that he mentioned during our group training session, so I asked him to share that with you.  Here’s what he had to say:

I don’t remember a specific “big” monument that my dad and I had when I was a child.  We didn’t go on adventurous camping trips and he didn’t hold a blessing ceremony for me.  However, what I do remember is a seemingly small gesture that had an incredible impact on my life.  My dad made a memorable monument out of giving me a hug.  He made sure that he did it consistently – every day.  He would even go so far as to ask me, “Have I given you a hug today?” to make sure that he had.  Accompanying each hug was his assurance that he loved me and was proud of me.

I knew, daily, that my father loved me and was proud of me.  That has had a huge impact on my life as I believe it instilled great confidence in me (both in my personal life and in my professional life), and showed me how to love well.  It is a “small,” but powerful, memorable monument that I am striving to pass along to my children.

Big or small, there are innumerable things that we can do with our families to create memorable monuments.   I like that Andy pointed out that his dad hugged him daily.  Consistency is often a key component in creating memorable monuments.  It is also the key to being a role model to your children, which we’ll discuss more in next week’s session.

What are some memorable monuments that you have had with your dad?  Do you have any that you are currently making with your kids?  Share your methods below in the comments section and maybe we can encourage and inspire fathers who are reading this to start a new monument with their families.

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