5 Reasons Why Home is the Hardest Place to Lead


Yes, it can be tough leading your team at the office.  But I would suggest that it’s even tougher to lead your team at home.  Here are five reasons why:

  1. You can’t fire your children.  You’re a parent forever, no matter what.
  2. There is no paid or unpaid time off. You are always on the job.
  3. There are no salaries, bonuses or raises.  Parents are more like an ATM.
  4. There are no awards, accolades or applause. When was the last time you received a standing ovation from your kids or your spouse?
  5. The HR (human resource) issues are daily.  E.g. marital conflict, sibling arguments, bullying, sickness, school grades, talking back, crying, lying, etc.


Why do you think home is the hardest place to lead?  Please share your comments with me.

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