5 Common Mistakes Women Make in Marriage

mistakes women make in marriage

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” By implementing some of these changes, the common mistakes women make in marriage may turn into successes.

Here are 5 common mistakes women make in marriage and what can be done about it.

1. Not showing their husband respect.

Respect his judgment. Don’t constantly question his decisions. Respect his abilities. Give him a chance to fix the sink before you call the plumber.

2. Not affirming their husband as a man.

Tell your husband that you think he is handsome.  Thank him for being a good father and provider.

3. Not putting their husband before their kids.

Don’t let your life revolve around your kids. At some point, your children will leave home and you will find yourself sharing an empty house with a total stranger. Make your relationship with your husband a top priority.

4. Not trusting their husband.

Trust can be difficult, but it is necessary. Without it, you will never feel secure in your marriage.  And, your husband will never feel like he is worthy of your trust. If your trust has been broken by your husband, he will need to earn it back. Allow him to take the necessary steps to restore it. A marriage without trust is built not on a rock but on the sand.

5. Not wanting their husband physically.

Physical intimacy is important to a man. To know that he is desired by his wife makes him feel like he is important. Your husband wants to be wanted. Make it a priority in your marriage. [Tweet This]

What common mistakes do you make in your marriage? Please share them with me.

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  • Felicia

    1. I am constantly in fear that something will happen to my husband like death and I have absolutely no idea what to do. This is because this happened to my mother. My father died and my mother didn’t know how to write a check, didn’t know who they owed money to the life insurance on him lapsed because she didn’t know when he was very sick. She had young children to take care off. She didn’t know who to call on to get help Etc. Now what if finances are on his computer. He doesn’t discuss how he does anything or why he does anything. If I don’t ask I will never know which continues to increase anxiety. If I ask, I am disrespecting my husband by questioning his Decision. He gets angry if I ask and I get angry if he doesn’t answer.It is a no win situation.

    I believe a man is not disrespected if questioned. Do other men ask other men anything? How does a man learn anything if he doesn’t ask? I believe if a man does not answer then he is not loving his wife and is setting their relationship up for failure. An honest man has nothing to hide and should be honored that their wife is asking them rather than someone else. If I can not go to my husband for information, what does that say about our relationship? If I can’t ask my husband without him feeling disrespected, I am not married to a man, I am married to an immature child! Which really means I need a divorce because this manchild does not want a marriage! I suggest men that think like this change their opinion so that they would be honored that their wife is asking them rather than someone else.

    Where in the bible does it say a woman can not ask her husband? Aren’t we the bride of Christ? Aren’t we allowed to ask Jesus and God questions? The Bible says to Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open to you. There are other places we are told to ask. So asking your husband is not disrespectful!

  • Cynthia Seeley

    I have to say the above list is about my husband, he is the one that is disrespectful to me, he has always put the kids and animals before me, when I want affections, he says there is more important things to do, I wish I knew what and how to deal with it

  • Lisa


  • Lisa

    I want sex more then my husband does. He is good about calling me every day and talking to me but I guess he just has a lower sex drive then I do. I try my best to put him above the kids and never feel it is good enough or that he understands my side and how I need help with them. I do all of the housework…he helps every once in awhile on the weekend because he works a lot. (He does fix things around the house) I love him very much but found out a few years ago that he had cheated on me while we were going through a rough time and I have caught him looking at porn from time to time our whole marriage. I feel more insecure than I have ever felt in my life. He is choosing to get closer to God now and wants to do what is right…which means everything to me, but I can’t seem to get over this nagging fear I have of him thinking about other women. …this distrust. It literally makes me sick. I ignore the feelings and then they explode. I don’t know where to start to help myself to trust him. I don’t want to be hurt anymore and I know that if I don’t trust…it will ruin our marriage.

  • Shel

    You sound like a male chauvinist. All I keep reading is about submission and sex. How about encouraging these women to quit working out and shopping and sitting around all day and use their brains for once. Do something for the needy or the poor. I’m out in the working world. Their husbands are not even faithful . So glad I don’t follow this rule . I’ve raised five children successfully and have a job and give to the community . Happily married for 30 years . This is unbelievable .

  • kay

    The single most important thing that has helped my marriage stay healthy for 9 years is to always say sorry after a disagreement or argument, even if I feel as though I am right. Going with that, it is also important to stay away from the “silent treatment” as it is polluting to a relationship and makes it easier to hold a grudge or resentment.

  • martha

    This sounds a lot like the way I see my husband.

  • martha

    This is interesting to me because I know that if I feel like what I say to my husband resembles what I might say to my child, I don’t feel very respectful or admiring of him, my husband…and I’m not talking about screaming or being negative; just the praise and coaxing seems juvenile.

  • CJ

    Ouch, this hurts just reading this article. As a husband, every one of these is a knife to my heart. I know I am not perfect, I do my best to follow Christ, I haven’t been the leader or provider I wish I could be, but each of these 5 items are all areas that I could only wish, hope and pray my wife would do for me. Maybe someday…or never.

  • Kelley Arjes

    Does she subscribe and read these articles? My husband and I both subscribe and read independently and share with each other as needed. Been pretty cool.

  • CJ

    A big ouch reading through all 5 areas. My wife does none of these. She doesnt respect me, hasn’t told me she loves me in years, doesn’t affirm me as a man, puts our kids way above me and is very reluctant to have sex with me and when she does, it is very grudgingly. I have done my very best to treat her like a queen throughout my very one-sided marriage and my heart has been shattered (especially after finding out she had an emotional affair with a man in our former church a couple years ago). My heart has been shattered into a million pieces and her constant coldness and disconnect are like she is stomping all over the fragments of my heart daily and never trying to repair the damage she has done. I hate divorce like God says in the Bible, but I also don’t want to spend the rest of my life living in pain and misery. Praying daily what to do next.