5 Common Mistakes Men Make in Marriage


Guys, mistakes are, by definition, unintentional.  More often than not, we aren’t thoughtless, we just don’t think like our wives want or need us to think.

Here are 5 common mistakes men make in marriage and what can be done about it.

1. Don’t think of the needs of their wife.  You schedule a date night with your wife.  Good job!  However, you wait until you are walking out of the door to say, “What do you feel like doing?” Don’t do it.  Plan ahead.  Make a reservation at your wife’s favorite restaurant.  Call the babysitter yourself.  You will get an “A” for effort!

2. Don’t listen.  Don’t assume you know what your wife is going to say.  Don’t tune her out because you have heard it all before.  Just listen with your ears and your eyes. In other words, give her your full attention.

3. Don’t understand their wife.  Like many men, you try to “fix” problems rather than understand what your wife is feeling.  Sometimes, she just wants you to feel what she feels without giving advice and without trying to fix it. When I’m not sure, I’ll often say to my wife, “Do you want my advice on this or do you just want me to listen?”

4. Don’t know their wife.  Do you remember getting to know your wife when you were dating?  When was the last time you just spent time talking with her, not to her.  Ask what her dreams are; where she would like to go on vacation; what good book she has read lately.

5. Don’t confide in their wife.  Your wife wants to be included in your entire world.  Confide in her—your dreams; your work; your life.  Your marriage bond will only be strengthened.

What common mistakes do you make in your marriage?  Please share them with me.


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  • jen

    How about speaking harshly to her? or not being supportive or encouraging her. Also not recognizing the gifts and talents GOD has given her. Sometimes its hard for a person to move forward with the calling on their life when they are not getting support or encouragement from their spouse. If you’re a lady that makes it much harder. Everything you say and even the way you say it affects her. You have the power to build your wife up or tear her down.

  • ksmith14

    hello my name is kera and I really need some advice me and my husband are newlyweds and the problem I.m having with my husband is everything between us was fine when we got married and now all of a sutton he distancing himself from me and he always want to do out with his friends and he always worried about his off instead of me and his children I mean he have a daughter with a another women and now he accuses me of cheating when I know I.m not

  • Brian Bachelder

    I still think that it is important to not lose yourself in marriage. Of course, you should be looking out for your spouse and their needs. At the same time, you can do the things you need to do to not lose yourself in the relationship.

  • elguapo

    Submission is biblical. Which may have been physically written by humans but is fully and totally uncompromisingly inspired by our heavenly Father and given to us by Him. Submission also isn’t about doing whatever the husband says. I think that’s when it doesn’t work. Submitting could be being the helper-lover to your servant-leader. And the husband serving his wife doesn’t mean the ‘yes dear’ syndrome. All of that is part of what makes marriage so rewarding while being one of the hardest things we may ever be a part of. God never said relating with Him and through Him would be easy. But the love and freedom from doing so is overwhelmingly worth it.

  • kb1974

    I am seriously starting to wonder about the some of the supposed Christian mens’ points of view when there are ignorant comments or replies to a post here with regard to this specific subject! Submission does not just apply to the woman in a marriage and furthermore, I agree with you both Leah and elguapo’s points of view.

  • LaLa Burgess

    Marriage is the union of 3 people, God first, spouse second and EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE next, including KIDS! These little humans we are given are a gift from God, they are His and will be adults longer in life than they will be your babies, so let them take a back seat to the most important relationship you should ever have (MARRIAGE) and the one that your kids should want to emulate as they grow up!

  • Shellbug82

    This is so sad.. it’s no wonder why there is so much divorce and dysfunction in marriage..bottom line if you have the me me me mentality man or woman and such an ego your even feeling emasculated or a servant in your relationship/marriage..you should not get married..you are not ready to be married..maybe be you never will be..

  • neni

    Mistakes that men do:
    avoid financial responsibilities to the wife yet both are working
    -very mean and stingy with his money assuming the wife has hers
    -does not spent a cent for the family
    -Is so into his mother and forgets about his family
    -Does not celebrate his wife’s successes
    -Exposes and brings third party to family fights and displays the wife as the culprit while he is an angel