#131: You Married for Better, but What about for Worse? (Podcast)

for better

When I got married…I didn’t expect conflict, financial pressures, or challenges with children. I always thought the tough part about marriage was finding the right girl. I thought that once I found her, being married was the easy part. When I said my vows I EXPECTED it would always be better. I never EXPECTED that there would be worse. And there was…

Today Susan and I will discuss how you married for better, but what about for worse?

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Discussion Recap

How can you love your spouse through the worse?

  1. Remember your vows.
  2. Remember marriage is a covenant, not a contract.
  3. Remember marriage is a holy union established to glorify God.
  4. Practice loving well in better times and you will be prepared to love well in worse times.

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