#115: Anger: Face It, Find It, Figure it Out (Podcast)


Today we will be sharing with you a little bit about a very important topic that we all have faced and we are all trying to figure out, and that issue is anger. Why? Because anger has a way of sneaking up on us. Somehow small moments of frustration can quickly escalate into anger. But there’s hope! I believe that getting to the root of anger will help us deal with emotions in a healthy way.

This is something our culture needs to address. People are angrier today than they were several decades ago. We want to focus on a solution. We want to discuss dealing with anger, and how to face it, find it, and figure it out.

So on today’s show, my wife Susan and I will be discussing 3 steps to getting to the root of anger.

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Discussion Recap

3 Steps to get to the Root of Anger:

  1. Face it.
  2. Find it.
  3. Figure it out.

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