#114: 4 Secrets You Must Know About Your Spouse (Podcast)


For many years, our family went to the lake house of our close friends. We always did a lot of water skiing there. My parents were part of a water ski show when they were young, and I inherited their love for the sport. When it was my turn to ski, I always wanted Susan to go. My motive was not just for her to enjoy herself, I wanted her to go so that she could see me in action. So that she could say things like, “Wow, you’re an incredible skier.” Or, “You are my man!” She quickly figured out my secret of why I really wanted her to go. After that, when I went skiing, she would jokingly say to everyone, “Mark needs me to go watch him ski so I can cheer him on!”

I want to let you in on some secrets that your husband may be keeping from you. But do not worry, I am not suggesting there is anything seriously wrong. There are different kinds of secrets, of course. There’s addiction and unfaithfulness. I’m not talking about bad secrets like those, rather things that most men wish their wives knew about them but just may not feel comfortable saying out loud.

And wives, we will also be discussing those things that you wish your husband knew! Today’s episode is 4 secrets you must know about your spouse.

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4 Secrets You Must Know About Your Spouse

  1. Your spouse wants to be a good husband/wife and father/mother.
  2. He/She fears not measuring up.
  3. Your spouse really wants you to adore him/her.
  4. He/She works harder than you think.

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