#111: 6 Things That Keep Couples Connected (Podcast)

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Every husband and wife wants to feel connected with one another, but sometimes busyness, the daily grind, stress, and strain can get in the way and cause a feeling of NOT being connected. When that happens, “marriage drift” sometimes occurs and you drift farther and farther apart without even knowing it.

The key to staying connected is to be intentional. There are 6 things you can be intentional about.

If your marriage is good, these six things can help you grow closer. If your marriage is so-so or even worse, they could help you give it a push in the right direction toward bonding time with your spouse.  It’s important to stay connected as a couple and Susan and I have learned these 6 things in our 28 years of marriage.

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Discussion Recap

6 Things That Keep Couples Connected

  1. Be courteous and kind to each other.
  2. Talk about issues before they get out of hand.
  3. Support each other.
  4. Date regularly.
  5. Live in a “we” world.
  6. Be physically intimate.

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