#105: 6 Ways to Push Your Spouse Away (Podcast)

push away

It’s so easy to push away your spouse without even realizing it. On several occasions, I’ve pushed Susan away and created a distance between us with my critical and condescending words. And Susan would tell you that she’s pushed me away by texting and posting when I wanted her attention.

So we hope that by listening to these 6 ways to push your spouse away on today’s podcast, you’ll actually learn how to pull your spouse toward you.

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Discussion Recap

6 Ways to Push Your Spouse Away

  1. Screen Time: Computer, TV, Phone/Texting
  2. Hyper-scheduling
  3. Idols
  4. The Tongue
  5. Avoiding Intimacy
  6. Keeping a List

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10 Ways to Push Your Spouse Away

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