#99: 7 Things Teenagers Secretly Want You to Know (Podcast)

how to parent a teenager

Susan and I have raised 5 children through the teen years. Teenagers are trying to figure out life…who am I? Where am I going? Do I have what it takes? Am I beautiful?

Teens have a lot going on under the surface that they either haven’t identified, are afraid to say, or don’t know how to tell you. So it remains inside, alone and unattended. What if we did know? It might change the way we parent teens. What do you think? Do you want to know how to parent a teenager better?

On today’s podcast, Susan and I will go over 7 things teenagers secretly want you to know.

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Discussion Recap

7 Things Teenagers Secretly Want You To Know

  1. They want you to say, “No.”
  2. They’re desperate for your affirmation.
  3. They want your guidance.
  4. They have no idea who they are yet.
  5. They do not want you to compare them to their brother, sister, or friends.
  6. They want you to give them the freedom to fail.
  7. They want to know that you love them no matter what.

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