#068: What to Remember Before You Call It Quits in Marriage (Podcast)

call it quits

There is nothing more devastating than a spouse considering calling it quits in their marriage. They ask things like, “What if I’m the only one putting in any effort?” “Why am I so lonely?” and “Should I just give up and call it quits in my marriage?”  Well, rather than begin down the painful path of separation or divorce, it’s important to remember these three truths. So on today’s podcast, we’ll be discussing what to remember before you call it quits in your marriage.

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Discussion Recap 

What to Remember Before You Call it Quits in Your Marriage:

  • Remember Your Vows
  • Remember What Marriage is
  • Remember the Purpose of Marriage

Episode Resources 

3 Things to Remember Before You Call It Quits in Marriage

Forgiveness: It’s Not What You Think

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  • DearRebecca Lee Young Rodrigue

    You two are so cool. Susann your voice is so adorable. Mark yours is very distinguished. I love the Forgive It and Drive On.
    I love the putting the marriage in the light of Convenant. Not contract.
    My first two husbands divorced me. Going through those losses led me to tell Jesus I would never make vows with a human being in my lifetime again because the devastation to my faith and devout rearing of the children that came with the marriages. I told Jesus I only wanted and trusted Him.
    Then came My Husband ordained by Him before the foundation of the world was laid.
    But the problems of committing wholly and holy to those vows have been tested since day one.
    So thank you. Because I refuse to allow the perfect mate and husband to get away because we have been looking at it as a breach of contract. We will view it and restore it to the Convenant of Marriage. I pray for that. Please pray for my husband and me too. Thank you. Mr. And mrs. Merrill.

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I appreciate such kind words and am so encouraged by your story. We will be praying for you and your husband!