#058: 8 Lies Your Teen Believes (Podcast)

lies your teen believes

While most parents are concerned with the lies their teenagers are telling, parents often forget to consider the lies their teens may be hearing. Each day when they leave for school, sports, or social outings, they are marching into a world that doesn’t always encourage the truth. Instead, this world is whispering lies to our teens, telling them that they don’t matter or that they’ll never be good enough. So how can we keep our kids from believing these detrimental lies and teach “teen truth”?

On today’s show, we’re going to talk through 8 lies your teen may believe and how to combat them.

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Discussion Recap   

8 Lies Your Teen Believes: 

  • No one understands me.
  • Being popular will make me happy.
  • If I don’t ace this test, I’ll never get into college.
  • No one else is struggling like I am.
  • Dating someone will make me happy.
  • If I’m not perfect, I’m a failure.
  • My parents don’t want me to have any fun.
  • Things will never get better.

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