#034: Marriage Wisdom from an Unlikely Source with Kyle Idleman (Podcast)

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On today’s episode we have Kyle Idleman—the bestselling author, pastor, and movie producer.  Kyle’s book, not a fan., sold half a million copies and provided video curriculum for over 10,000 churches.  He is also a teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church, working with one of the nation’s largest congregations of nearly 21,000 people.  Most recently, Kyle took on the role of being executive producer for the movie, The Song.  But above all else, Kyle is passionate about his wife, DesiRae, and their four children: MacKenzie, Morgan, Macy, and Kael.  Listen in as Kyle and I discuss his thoughts and work producing the new movie, The Song.

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Discussion Recap

Kyle’s passion for making movies:

  • The inspiration behind the new movie, The Song
  • Kyle’s encouragement for married couples
  • How he balances work and family life

Episode Resources

For more about Kyle’s new movie, The Song, check out their website. 

For our review of Kyle’s new movie The Song, check out http://www.imom.com/movie-review/the-song/


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