#022: How to Turn Broken Dreams into New Beginnings with Sheridan Voysey (Podcast)

How to turn Broken Dreams into New Beginnings with Sheridan Voysey


It happens to so many couples. Expectation. Expectation. Expectation. And then…disappointment. A couple is really excited and has great expectations of what it will be like to have a child. But then, that dream of getting pregnant and having a child is over.

On today’s episode, our guest is actually on the other side of The Pond. Sheridan Voysey is our first international guest, author, and speaker. Sheridan is an Australian-born Oxford-based writer, speaker, and broadcaster. His most recent book, Resurrection Year: How to Turn Broken Dreams into New Beginnings, highlights his journey and battle with infertility and broken dreams.

If you’re struggling with a broken dreams or crushed expectations, listen below as Sheridan and I discuss how you can have a resurrection year.

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Discussion Recap

  • What is a resurrection year?  A year of new life after a death of a dream.
  • What to do when facing the guilt of losing a broken dream.
  •  How to grieve properly and let a dream die.

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