Why You Should Fight Your Most Important Battle on Your Knees

prayer is powerful

Everyday life is a battle. We have to constantly fight for humility over pride, for patience over anger, and for love over selfishness. But the most important battle you and I will face? The battle for our families. We must fight for their well-being, their safety, and their ultimate good.

In the new movie War Room, we’re given the ultimate weapon to fight for our families: prayer. Praying on our knees is the best way to guide our families well. So here are 3 reasons why you should fight your most important battle on your knees:

1. Prayer is Powerful 

I love to be in control. (Or I, at least, love to think I’m in control!) In an ideal world, I’d love to have control over my wife’s health, my kids’ safety, and my success at work. But the truth is that control is an illusion. And the sooner I come to realize that I can’t control anything, the sooner I’ll come to find prayer to be powerful. Prayer has the power to change hearts, change minds, and change lives. And when we choose to trust God with our trials, we can be sure that he won’t let us down.

2. Prayer is Purposeful 

My days can be crazy. My wife, my work, my kids, and my schedule keep me constantly moving in a whirlwind. And in that whirlwind, it’s easy for me to forget my purpose. It’s easy for me to forget that life is not all about me. That’s why I pray. Because prayer gives us purpose. Prayer is a constant reminder that our lives should be about serving God, not serving ourselves.

3. Prayer is Peaceful 

Life can be hard–there’s no doubt about it. We argue with our spouse, we lose jobs, we watch our kids develop illnesses, we fall into debt…and a million other tragedies. But in the midst of all our difficulties, there’s one thing that always promises to bring us peace: prayer. Prayer may not offer an immediate solution or give us the answer we’re looking for. But prayer offers us peace and comfort from a loving God who wants the best for us.

What do you pray for most? Feel free to share your prayers in a comment below.

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  • snook57

    This is a great post Mark.
    I am reminded of one of the biggest hurdles we face with faith; why did God let this happen; why were my prayers not answered? I think the answer lies in perspective. We tend to focus on our natural life and associated immediate needs; whereas God focuses on our eternal life.
    An analogy I have heard is if one were to envision a blank wall stretching infinitely to the left and to the right and then draw a very finite vertical line, say a micron thick on this wall; where our natural life is represented within this line, viewable only through magnification; we focus all of our energies, expectations talents and concerns within this line.
    If we take the wall and make it three dimensional, that is to say an infinite sphere, we perhaps have some context of God’s perspective. His focus is so much broader than ours, we truly can not see the forest because of the trees. Recognition of this disparity in perspective can provide us with the cognition that although we may not see the path God is leading us down, we can rest assured that all prayers are answered and through faith all things are possible.

  • Thank you so much for your response and the analogy you shared. It is very encouraging and much appreciated!