Who Died in 2012 and How to Really Live in 2013


This last day of 2012 is the proper time to remember those we have lost this year.  The list includes brave men and women who we will never know that lost their lives in combat defending our freedom. The list also includes celebrities whose names we have heard over the years, people like Whitney Houston, Joe Paterno, Andy Griffith, and Neil Armstrong just to name a few. And, of course, some of you may have lost those closest to you, family or friends.   As we reflect on their lives, we remember the brevity of ours, and this should give us incentive to pursue our life to the fullest.  And that means a life lived for others.  Here’s how to really live in 2013…a life lived for those you love:

For your spouse, plan:

  • A daily time of conversation and prayer
  • One date night a month/one marriage retreat a year
  • To learn your spouse’s love language and speaking it


For your children, plan:


For your career, plan:

  • To make a change if you are at a dead end and muster the courage to do so
  • To start and experience the joy of a job well done if you are not doing your work with excellence
  • To use your wages to get out of debt and secure your future financial freedom


For your personal time, plan:

  • To spend time with God daily
  • To invest in your physical, mental, and spiritual health
  • To do something you have always wanted to but never have



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