When is it Good to be a “Yes” Parent?


It seems like my wife Susan and I are constantly saying “no” to our children.  “No, you cannot watch that movie.” “No, you cannot spend the night out tonight.” “No, you cannot go to that party.”  And it’s often a good thing to say “no” to our children, especially when something is not what’s best for them.  But it’s also good to say “yes” to our children whenever we can. I am always searching for more ways to say “yes.” So, every time one of my kids asks me to do something with them, I do my best to figure out how to make it happen even though it’s inconvenient or even though I had other plans, because I really enjoy being with them.

A few weeks ago on a Saturday night, my 16 year old son got home and asked me to go get a hamburger with him.  I was tired and ready for bed, but realized that I might not get this opportunity again for a while, especially if I turned him down.  So, I said “yes.”

On another occasion, I arrived home from work and was looking forward to my work out. As I was getting ready to exercise, my 19 year old daughter asked me to go with her to the mall. Of course, I changed my plans and said “yes.”

By the way, to be a “yes” parent, you need to be an available parent. If you’re not there when your kids want to do something with you, you’ll miss opportunities that may not come your way again.

What do you do to be a “yes” parent?

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