What You Can Learn About Your Child from His Teacher


After spending 180 days together, your child’s teacher is bound to know a thing or two about your child.  For example, teachers have unique insight into how your child interacts with others, how your child is challenged, and even how your child handles pressure.  Learning about your child from his teacher is an important way to be involved in your child’s education.

So be bold and set your child up for success by using this compiled list of questions to ask his teacher.  Maybe even print this list out to bring to your next teacher conference.  Or make it easier by copying and pasting these questions into an email to send to their teacher.  If your child has more than one teacher, send each one an email with this same list of questions.

Here are 7 things to ask your child’s teacher:

  1. In what areas does my child struggle?
  2. In what areas is my child gifted?
  3. How does my child treat you as his/her authority?
  4. How does my child treat his/her classmates?
  5. Are there any specific challenges you think my child will face in the next school year? If so, what would you recommend we do?
  6. Does my child listen well?
  7. Does my child participate with enthusiasm?

In my blog, In Praise of Teachers, I shared how great teachers impact children’s lives in a significant way. They want to see your child succeed, so listen to them and work together.

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What are other important questions to ask your child’s teacher?  I’d appreciate your suggestions in a comment below.

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