An Easy Way to Help Your Child Have a Great School Year

good father

With five children of my own, I’ve seen the back to school jitters many times. When my children worried over their first-day outfit, their new teacher, and if their friends would be in their class, I’ve strived to be a good father and continually prayed that things would go well for them. And as the President of Family First, I have learned that there is one simple thing that can make a huge difference to not only a child’s academic life but in shaping their entire future—father involvement.

That is why I am so passionate about our All Pro Dad School Program. It uses the power of a father’s love and approval to transform a child’s life in just one hour a month.

Any father, grandfather, or mentor can be an All Pro Dad; there are no formal requirements. They just spend one morning a month at school sharing breakfast with their child and with other fathers and their children. A Team Captain leads the meeting and gives dads a chance to really connect with their kids.

All Pro Dad is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and I am deeply moved when I hear stories of how our school program has brought fathers and their children closer.

 “My son and I have been blessed by the program for 3 years, and now, I look forward to 3 more years with my daughter! The candor, honest conversations, and bonding afforded by APD cannot be overstated. We enjoyed a great conversation about trust and about being willing to share both successes and challenges with one another. No matter what, I want my kids to know that home is a place of love and sanctuary from the craziness of the world. That is true now and always.” –Eric

Just one hour a month is all it takes. Your child will love having you at school and you’ll draw strength from other men who are also committed to their children. Attend or start an All Pro Dad School Program chapter and take a simple, big step in making this a great school year for your child.

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