Two to Tango: Marriage Lessons from The Song movie

the song movie

Susan and I found the The Song movie very meaningful. It’s a movie filled with love and joy. But there are also moments of great struggle and temptation that couples will relate to. In the movie, Jed King, an aspiring rock star marries the love of his life, Rose, and they have children. As Jed becomes more successful, he begins to travel much more often. As he is thrust into a life of stardom and a world of temptation, his life and marriage begin to fall apart. The movie reveals several important marriage lessons through Jed and Rose.

They both made choices that contributed to their marriage problems.

Rose was busy raising the kids and did not make her husband a priority. Jed was on the road too much, didn’t understand Rose’s struggles at home, and wasn’t there to help.

They both didn’t really listen to one another.

Jed basically begged Rose to come with the kids on the road with him as he knew he was struggling with temptation and needed her, but she said she would not go. Rose asked him to finish touring and come home as she needed him there; but, he did not want to hurt his flourishing career.

They both avoided being honest and vulnerable with each other.

When sexual temptation on the road increased, Jed could have…and should have…been transparent enough to let Rose in on the struggle. Likewise, Rose did not share with Jed the struggles she was having with him on the road and her being alone with the kids at home.

As I mentioned in my post, How to Help Your Spouse Have an Affair, my wife, Susan and I often say, “In marriage, there are two people and two sides to every story.” The same holds true when we hear the story of a husband or wife like Jed and Rose. Both could point their finger at the other, but both contributed to their marriage problems. All of it could have been avoided by each one making selfless choices, listening to one another, and being honest and vulnerable with each other.

Have you seen The Song movie? If not, I hope you will.  If you have, please share your comments about the movie below.


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