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  • Jshephard

    I still remember when I was a kid my Dad asking me after I completed my homework …”Is this worthy enough to have your name on it?” Urghh! it seemed I always went back to make it better…that wasn’t easy until it one day just became the norm.

  • Jshephard, sounds like a wise question from your dad!

  • Matthew

    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, does not become an act, but a habit.

    And, therefore, a corrolary would, perhaps, be that non-excellence (sloppiness?) becomes the same thing.

  • Mark, off topic, but you probably want to get your dev guy to update the shareaholic plugin – that’s what I’m guessing is causing the bulletpoints down the screen.  

  • Justin, thanks for letting me know. We updated the plugin last Friday, so it should be okay now. Thanks for noticing!