7 Reasons Why Leaders Fail Morally

why leaders fail

Many public figures have fallen into self-destructive moral failures, shocking no one. But do you know why leaders fail morally? The temptations that swirl around the rich, famous, and powerful would be hard for any of us to resist. But occasionally, a moral crisis ensnares someone so respected, revered, and loved that we find ourselves […]

7 Signs You Need to Change Your Leadership Style

change leadership style

Effective leaders come in many shapes and styles. But the kind of leadership style that helps someone advance in a career is not always the same style that he or she needs in a new role. Sometimes, it’s time to change leadership style. There simply isn’t a one-size-fits-all leadership style that universally inspires, motivates, and […]

7 Questions Every Man Should Ask Himself Daily

questions every man should ask himself

Often, a man’s life is lived on autopilot, molded not just by habits and routines, but by common thoughts settling into well-worn mental ruts. Research suggests most of a man’s thousands of daily thoughts are repetitive and negative. This mental malaise inhibits us from living healthy lives and loving our families well. But I believe […]