#036: Loving Your Child Through Teenage Rebellion (Podcast)

teenage rebellion

Let’s face it: Teenage rebellion is nothing new. Every child everywhere goes through a season of rebellion against their parents — whether small or serious. So as parents, we are left with a decision to make. We can raise our white flag in surrender. We can go to battle with our kids. Or we can take a step back and figure out the heart issue. On today’s show, my wife, Susan and I will discuss the challenging topic of learning to love your child through teenage rebellion. We’ll do this by exploring what kids struggle with, why they struggle, and what we can do about it.

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Discussion Recap

  1. When your teen is struggling for identity…Teach them they are defined by WHO they are as your child, not by what they do.
  1. When your teen is struggling for acceptance…Teach them it’s good to be different, but that they’ll always be accepted by you.
  1. When your teen is struggling for attention…Be sure to spend quality time with them, affirming their character.
  1. When your teen is struggling for control…Teach them to make wise decisions by talking through options together.
  1. When your teen is struggling for freedom…Teach them that with freedom comes much responsibility.

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