Leftovers Again? 4 Ways to Give Your Spouse Your Freshest and Best

I love you post it note


I don’t mind leftovers every once in a while. In fact, I like them sometimes. It just makes sense to have that leftover meatloaf instead of wasting it.  Sometimes it’s just plain necessary because of financial or time constraints.

Well, sometimes leftovers are necessary in our relationships, too. If a child is sick for a few days, dad may not get all the attention from mom that he wants. If he just found out that he has to work the extra shift, she may have to understand that the romantic dinner will have to be rescheduled. You get the picture. The cares of this world—fatigue, sickness, finances, jobs—sometimes create roadblocks in relationships.

But leftovers in relationships should be the exception rather than the rule. The rule should be to give our mate our freshest and best…the first fruit of our time and energy.

So, how can you serve your spouse something fresh?

1. Post it.

Write “How can I serve my spouse today?” on a post it note and place it on the bathroom mirror or another place that you’ll see every morning.  Here’s what I do in my house.

2. Ask it.

Ask your spouse, “How can I serve you today?”  Sometimes it is good to know what your spouse goes through to understand how you can help serve.

3. List it.

Put what you can do for your spouse today on your To Do list.

4. Calendar it.

Calendar specific times each week when you will do things with and for your spouse.  Also, calendar times during the day to show your spouse your appreciation—a quick text, phone call or e-mail.  Waiting until the last thing at night, before bed, when you are utterly exhausted is not the best option.  For those times when you can actually get away, here are 8 Outside the Box Date Ideas.

Are you giving your spouse your freshest and best? Or your leftovers?

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  • pamela cobb

    i never thought about it like this so i hope in time pass i  was not giving him only leftovers god always has away of showing you and giving you help that can spike you marraige  we celebrated 24 years on Tuesday and i really can say the years are never the say when this time come and i always say you get what you give so for me i really feel that my husband get more frensh than leftovers so thinks for sharing and i will motor this more, PC

  • http://www.FamilyMinute.com/ Mark Merrill

    Pamela, congrats on 24 years together!