Leaders are V.I.S.I.O.N.A.R.I.E.S.

What makes a leader exceptional? Their vision for the future of the tribe they’re leading. Author Pat Morley broke down the word ‘Visionaries’ and how it applies to great leaders. I want to share it with you today…

Vision — More than anything else, great leaders are propelled by great dreams. They’re pulled along by the grip of destiny.

Innovation — Great leaders give the world “ideas” that change the existing order. They exude creativity and imagination.

Sacrifice — Great leaders deny themselves for a greater good. They’re so committed to they’re cause that they are willing to risk rejection.

Integrity — At their core great leaders have unwavering character. A handshake still means everything to them.

Optimism — Great leaders posses a passion that touches that noble impulse in each of us. They inspire us to want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Never Give Up — Great leaders display unwavering belief in their mission. Against all odds they show tenacity, perseverance and faithfulness to their call.

Ability — Great leaders posses special abilities. They are men of skill – whether inventor, philosopher, theoogin, scientist, artist, writer, poet, or preacher.

Relate to Others — Great leaders have empathy and love for people. Their people skills include compassion and listening.

Improbability — Great leaders never think they are. They are marked by profound humility. The world would not pick them.

Excellence — Great leaders demand excellence from themselves, which spurs us to be like them.

Servant to Others — Great leaders are first servant leaders. Great Christian leaders do what they do to bring glory to God.

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