How to Show Your Husband Respect

respect your husband

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It’s something your husband really craves. Do you respect your husband? You might say, “He doesn’t deserve it.” Or, “He will have to earn it.” But showing your husband respect should not come with any conditions.

So, how can you respect your husband? Here are 5 ways:

1. Show your appreciation. Thank him for protecting and providing for your family. Thank him for being a good and faithful husband. Thank him for taking out the garbage. Nothing is too small for a thank you.

2. Honor your husband. Honor him at home by the way you treat him. Speak to him without a “tone.” Honor him by not using him as a punch line when you are out with your girlfriends. Compliment him in front of his friends and your children. Find ways to sing his praises.

3. Encourage him. Be supportive of his career path. It is important to your husband to feel like he is successful in your eyes. Listen to his dreams. Talk about how you can accomplish them together. Encouragement can breathe life into him.

4. Include him. When it comes to parenting, ask his opinion before making a final decision. When you struggle with something at work or at home, talk it out with him. Ask for his insight. Everyone wants to be needed.

5. Be intimate with him. Men need physical intimacy to feel fulfilled in their marriage. If your husband doesn’t feel desired, it will create a distance between you. Show him that he is wanted.


In what ways do you show respect to your husband? What affect does it have on your marriage? Share your comments with me.

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  • Guest

    This is wonderful stuff. The best book my husband and I ever read is Love and Respect. It hits home with both of us. Unfortunetly my husband was in a 12 year marriage prior, where he didnt receive any uncontiondal respect or respect period. His past wife was the person who wore and enjoyed to wear the pants in the family, which ultimately led to their end.  Its a long road to get him to see that God created him just perfect in His eyes and its ok to let him lead, be in charge and have a 51/49% partnership.

  • Guest, thanks so much for sharing and for your kind words.

  • Ejramlow

    I’m reading and doing the Respect Dare…excellent read and prayerful reflection.

  • Dixieleefelici

    Would you please share the author of Love and Respect?  Sounds like a book for many of us who desire a loving and respectful marriage.
    Thank you,

  • Dixie, Emerson Eggerichs is the author of ‘Love and Respect.” It’s a fantastic book, and I hope you’ll read it!

  • All, another good book is called The Love Dare by Stephen and Alex Kendrick.


    Add to the list of great books, “The Five Love Languages” .  I can’t remember the author but it has a purple cover.  Be sure to get the one for married couples, there are others for children. 

  • Hphilpot

    I concur about “Love and Respect” by Emerson Eggerichs…best marriage book I have read

  • sherley

    I respect My husband, I include him in everything,I am intimate with him all the time especially when I come back from work…I compliment hime an I show him appreciation everday, I make tea for him everday when he is back from work…. I listen to him but just this other day we were talking and he borrowed me his phone ( old phone) he was never using the phone, because my phone broke and the speaker was not working. I never asked him to give me the phone, but he did and I just asked him to delete all his SMS on the massage box and he did but forgot to ask him to delete contact list. well the next day I had to remind him to and you know he then aske me to delet but I didný want to because I never new whether there are some important numbers that he still want to use, well I tell you I then started deleteing the numbers on by one because I could not Mark all then delete as there were some of my numbers on the phone already, then I was just laghing because some of the names looked funny and we awere both laughing about it and the next thing he was all upset… saying I don’t listen to him, I disrectect him, because he had asked me to delete all numbers, I was surprised by the change and then kept quite and deleted all numbers without a word… Now I don’t know what is it that I am not doing right, he said in his state ment I am not respecting him because when he talk I don’t do what he says. why does he have to reapets himself over and over again. I disrespect him for talking back at him , I should keep quiet and not talk when he is talking. He is the Man in this house and I should be obeying him and not talk back to him, I was confuse because now I did not know when to respond and when not to respond back to him. Can someone help me I need to know what can I do… to me it sounds stupid and I don’t think it that BIG deal but he feel all that there is no respect from me to him. PLEASE HELP!!

  • TuPie

    I like this and some of it make sence but for my husband I meet him when I was 16 never broke up with him. We got marry when I was 28 and have children when I was 32 now we have 4 boys and we love them all our heart good children. We been together 32 years and been marry 23 years. I love him and respect him but it goes both way! Our vow was if he marry me I will not cook or wash dishes and will help clean the house it work both ways. He made a agreement and said he do everything all the house work. I have to do is taking care of him and my Children. Ok! I been doing that and now our children are growing up and they are independen. I only have the 7 years old to take care his brothers will help him to. Now I have a female problem I have good time and bad time. He don’t understand he keep thinking I am make excuess for anything to not have sex. Belive me if I am sex machine I will always I love having sex but all the time is not getting it. When I want to get close to him he tell me no. when I show him any kind getting close he push me away and it hurt my feeling when we got to bed we touch and cress but and have sex it good all the time. There time he don’t want to be around me I just don’t get it. I tell him that I am trying to do everything is possible to make him happen it is always something about me. I don’t know if he going to his crisses in him he turn 50 now. I love him but he said he like me I understand that but some time I want to know if he love me to. Like I am fine but we all do sometime to say you love me. He treat me like I not good enough for him any more my words are not right for him my action is not good enough it always a problem. Don’t get me wrong I will never leave him he the best husband and dad that take care of his family best dad in the world but when I do let him know he always say something it not right in stead of saying good things. I don’t know what going on with him I try and try to make him happy. What going on with him? What is he looking for and why he knew me already why is he trying to chance me someone I am not. It been with him to many year and he the only man I been with and I want the same respect as well. What could it be can you answer that! I am 49 be 50 in Dec. Just so hard to make and show him that I care if he can’t do that same. please respond what wrong. And I agree about the other person about the phone thing as well. He never like phone he never touch my phone now he getting a hang how to us the phone and the most thing I hate he erase my number and when he talk he erase his number I never erase any number and I get mad when I need to get a number that is not list in my address book why is he doing that? He know more about the phone then I do that strange he is old school and he said he hate phone he don’t have no phone but me. I don’t need to hide who calls me when I know my phone is fool I erase it. But other then that he erase his call all the time and erase mine as well there some are important and some are not. can you answer that for me? But I like this I hope you understand why my husband do this to me when I am the lovely and effection person in the world and he not. Sence I been with him he trying little by little he show just a little but not enough. He should if I am his wife give it up now he should be show how special I am as well I show him. Thank you!

  • Bluebird

    It sounds “fantastic” fantasy in the real world…..what difficult is to respect someone that not respects you.

  • Tabitha

    This is so true great advise

  • Dionne

    🙂 two years later. Here is a prayer. I pray he will. It is difficult! I hope it is better. Blessings wherever you are. You are blessed.

  • Shawn Goddard

    For the first several years of my marriage I did not know/understand a mans need to be treated with respect. I also wasn’t even sure what it meant to show him respect. I was really hard on my husband and felt justified in my behavior because of some things he had done that hurt me more then words can begin to express. About a year ago I found out my husband was having an emotional affair with this lady he met while he was working out of town. At first I was ready to pack my things and never look back. And then God began working in my heart and I started to see how my behavior and the way I had treated him for so long contributed to the mess our marriage was in. This lesson that we went through was very painful but it also changed me, how I looked at him and how I treat him now. It was not an easy thing for me to do and I could have just blamed him for it all and never saw it as a lesson from God and made these changes in myself. I wonder sometimes if I had treated him this way along how different our marriage would be and how many hurt feeling and tears would have been avoided.

  • Valeria Thomason

    Thinking it’s maybe too late for us, He already set a distance between us and by now we don’t have any physical contact, rejects me when I get closer, and wants to be alone all the time. He even sleeps in the couch. And his love languaje being acts of service and mine tuch and words of affirmation, it doesn’t help much. We have been together 10 years now and it is painful. I’m trying my best doing everything I can to show him how much I love him, using his love language but he doesn’t feel the same?

  • Louise

    Dear Guest, It is never too late! Would your husband consider going to marriage counseling? I don’t know what caused your husband to withdraw but God does. I will pray for you and that God would heal and restore your marriage.

  • Michelle Lankins

    Guest, I too think quite highly of your “recommendation” of course Love and Respect. This was one of the very first literature on marriage, love and respect as it relates to the marriage union after I had major trauma in several areas of my life. I was very much aided with the growth obtained. I am pleased to say I have acquired many more skills, tools, advances from the many sites and resources gained since beginning. Mark and Susan are excellent”counselors” and I am appreciative for their assistance. Very nice to know that others can benefit also.