How to Show Your Husband Respect


R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It’s something your husband really craves. Do you respect your husband? You might say, “He doesn’t deserve it.” Or, “He will have to earn it.” But showing your husband respect should not come with any conditions.

So, how can you respect your husband? Here are 5 ways:

1. Show your appreciation.

Thank him for protecting and providing for your family. Thank him for being a good and faithful husband. Thank him for taking out the garbage. Nothing is too small for a thank you.

2. Honor your husband.

Honor him at home by the way you treat him. Speak to him without a “tone.” Honor him by not using him as a punch line when you are out with your girlfriends. Compliment him in front of his friends and your children. Find ways to sing his praises.

3. Encourage him.

Be supportive of his career path. It is important to your husband to feel like he is successful in your eyes. Listen to his dreams. Talk about how you can accomplish them together. Encouragement can breathe life into him.

4. Include him.

When it comes to parenting, ask his opinion before making a final decision. When you struggle with something at work or at home, talk it out with him. Ask for his insight. Everyone wants to be needed.

5. Be intimate with him.

Men need physical intimacy to feel fulfilled in their marriage. If your husband doesn’t feel desired, it will create a distance between you. Show him that he is wanted.

In what ways do you show respect to your husband? What effect does it have on your marriage? Share your comments with me.

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