How to Make Your Wife Feel Beautiful


When you first saw your wife, your heart may have skipped a beat.  Or, your love may have grown out of a friendship.  Either way, the day you married your wife, she was beautiful.

In today’s world, your wife is constantly bombarded by television, billboards, and glossy magazine covers with air-brushed perfection.  As time passes, she may feel that she can no longer catch your eye.

Remember:  Nothing is more important to a woman than what she sees in the mirror of her husband’s opinion.  So, here are some tips to let your wife see how beautiful she is in your mirror:

1. Tell her she is beautiful.

Look her in the eyes and tell her that she is as beautiful to you as the day you married her – and mean it!

2. Make sure she catches you looking at her.

Make eye contact with her across the room; then, give her that special smile reserved just for her.  It will make her heart beat a little faster.

3. Never view pornography.

Nothing makes your wife feel more degraded or unloved.  Your marriage is invaluable; don’t cheapen it.

4. Never compare her negatively to other women.

Your wife most likely compares herself to other women without any assistance from you.  Find ways to give her genuine compliments.

5. Show that your wife is prominent in your life.

Place her photo on your desk at work.  Carry her photo in your wallet.  Talk about her in a complimentary manner to co-workers, your friends, and your children.

6. Be deliberate about romance.

Bring her flowers for no reason.  Leave her a love note on her windshield.  Open the door for her.  Never stop dating her.

7. Treat your own physique with respect.

If you want your wife to feel beautiful, show her that she deserves your best.  Respect her by taking care of yourself.

What do you do to make your wife feel beautiful?  Please share your comments.

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