How to Make Your Wife Feel Beautiful


When you first saw your wife, your heart may have skipped a beat.  Or, your love may have grown out of a friendship.  Either way, the day you married your wife, she was beautiful.

In today’s world, your wife is constantly bombarded by television, billboards, and glossy magazine covers with air-brushed perfection.  As time passes, she may feel that she can no longer catch your eye.

Remember:  Nothing is more important to a woman than what she sees in the mirror of her husband’s opinion.  So, here are some tips to let your wife see how beautiful she is in your mirror:

1. Tell her she is beautiful.  Look her in the eyes and tell her that she is as beautiful to you as the day you married her – and mean it!

2. Make sure she catches you looking at her.  Make eye contact with her across the room; then, give her that special smile reserved just for her.  It will make her heart beat a little faster.

3. Never view pornography.  Nothing makes your wife feel more degraded or unloved.  Your marriage is invaluable; don’t cheapen it.

4. Never compare her negatively to other women.  Your wife most likely compares herself to other women without any assistance from you.  Find ways to give her genuine compliments.

5. Show that your wife is prominent in your life.  Place her photo on your desk at work.  Carry her photo in your wallet.  Talk about her in a complimentary manner to co-workers, your friends, and your children.

6. Be deliberate about romance.  Bring her flowers for no reason.  Leave her a love note on her windshield.  Open the door for her.  Never stop dating her.

7. Treat your own physique with respect.  If you want your wife to feel beautiful, show her that she deserves your best.  Respect her by taking care of yourself.


What do you do to make your wife feel beautiful?  Please share your comments.

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  • Loving Him

    WOW, i was just asking my husband if I was losing too much weight. I am curvy and he likes curves. He said no and said he loves my shape regardless. That defintely made me smile. I am losing the weight for my own personal reasons, but I still want to be appealing to my husband. His input is vital. Thanks for this add – he actually does all seven. 🙂

  • Yes, yes, and yes! This should be a must read for all husbands. I am SO blessed to have a husband that does all of these things and more. Thank you for being another great example for men everywhere! 🙂

  • Mallorie, that’s so good that your husband does these things…you are blessed!

  • Loving Him, good to hear. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m working through a stack of post-it notes. It’s great to write my wife a quick note of encouragement (never sarcastic) and place it in the car, on the fridge, or in her home office. Proverbs 31 is a tremendous place to reference Scripture for this.

  • Degen4ever320

    I messed up with #3. I had a hard time quiting and its strained our relationship. I have saught counsiling and it has helped me with my issues. But nothing can be done on my part to get back that part of trust that i list with her. She still asks me to this day if “i am being good.” She’ll always feel like I may be doing it behind her back and that breaks my heart to know I have hurt my wife so badly that she may never get closure. Guys if you do nothing but #3 make that one top priority. Nothing you can do will hurt your wife more mentally than this. Stop doing it NOW!

  • Abeautifulbeck222

    Mine is a little humorous.  I told my wife.  If beauty was a brick, she would be my Great Wall of China. I tell her often (every day) the she is beautiful.  I have her name as Beautiful on my phone, so that I say “call Beautiful” and it rings my wife.  I also use Joe Cocker’s song “You are so beautiful” for her ringtone.

  • Ben, that’s an awesome idea…it’s something I’ve done before myself.  I think I need to get out the post-it notes again!

  • You are not alone…many, many men struggle in this area. Keep working to earn her trust!

  • haha…that’s a fun word picture!

  • Degen4ever320


  • D.M.

    I wish my husband did this more, He really did not take care of himself over the last few years. He finally got lap band,. which I believed saved his life. It made me angry and feel insucure that he did not take care of himself. I realized that my husband is human and so I forgave him. As I grew in my faith I realzied that The Lord provides for me and my household regardless of what my husband does.Christ LOVES us all deeply and takes care of us. I love my husband. And I pray he becomes more romantic.

  • Pete

    Guys, weather you have a problem with #3 or not I recommend reading “Every Man’s Battle”. When my boys get old enough, “Every Young Man’s Battle” will be required reading. Thes books simple cover what a man of God is supposed to do and how our world influences us in ways we don’t even realize. PLEASE READ!.

  • Firepete76

    Wheather you have a problem with this or not, a great book to read is, “Every Mans Battle”. It is a must read for any real man. When my boys get old enough, it will be required reading. They will get to read, “Every Young Mans Battle”.

  • Good suggestion, Pete. Thanks for letting all the guys know. 

  • D.M. Appreciate you sharing your pain but also sharing your prayer. Thanks.

  • Gedye_424

    I was a luck man I married a beautiful women and she still is as beautiful today as she was 35 years ago

  • MAB

    When my husband and I married I thought my name WAS beautiful… And I have stacks of pit it note messages…. There were many flowers for no particular reason… It seems like such a long time ago. I miss those things and wish they were a part of our life again…. Thanks for posting this, I shared it with him!m subtle hints, right? He does always open my door though as do my sons!

  • Leah_Christensen

    This is fantastic advice, but goes both ways.

    I tell him all the time how good he looks, wonderful he sounds, bother things I love about him, and he does with me because it’s natural for us.

    Flowers? He’s very good at that because he knows I like ’em. He’s also brought me beer, on occasion. I like beer too! 😉 When I see something I know he’ll like, I’ll get it too, because I love doing that for him, as he does for me.

    Porn? NEVER! Great advice. Same with comparisons. NEVER!

    Physique he weighs the same at 66 as he did at 18, and I don’t know how he does it! Lucky guy. Very hot! Me? I gain weight if I look at a piece of pie. However, we try our best, and work together, even though we are very different, physically.

    We always carry pics around, and have great things to say about each other.

    With my vision, I can’t see when he looks at me, but somehow we both always know.

  • Leah_Christensen

    Awesome! What is it about some guys and porn? My husband has always been repulsed by it, as have I. This sounds like it could be a very good book.

  • Gedye…you go!

  • Good to remind him…sounds like he’s still a gentleman.

  • Leah, thanks for sharing.


    My husband is my best friend! We have been friends since we were little kids.  He has always loved me since the day he met me. But what do you suggest when all of that has come and gone? He used to be so attracted to me and be so romantic and then we got married. lol Its not funny but true. Things just aren’t the same. I have to constantly try to get his attention and beg him for “alone” time. He tells me once in a while I am pretty but it doesn’t feel sincere. He doesn’t look at me the same or hold me the same.
    Most days its a kiss goodbye before running out the door to work, and a quick goodnight kiss before falling asleep. I know this isn’t healthy and I don’t know why the big change. Not really sure how to help him in this area. Its frustrating and makes me so sad.


    communicate, communicate, comunicate!!!!  Have a sincere conversation with him and tell him what things will make you feel wanted and beautiful!

  • mikeaaron

    Question about #7, if as husbands are to take care of ourselves, should we expect the same from our spouses? e.g. not be overweight?

  • Kreag

    No, women gain weight for completely different reasons than men. Usually, unless there is a physical reason, it is because of their self esteem. We have to help bolster it, as much as we can.

  • Clarence Richardson

    The first time I saw my wife, I came to work and told a coworker that I had just seen the Most Beautiful Woman I have ever laid eyes on. We have been married for almost 2 years now and I still see that woman when I look at my wife. God brought us together, we both know that and live for Him. Thank you Father!!!!!!!!!

  • MPK

    Loving Him, Your husband is one lucky man! You care what he thinks of your physique. I wish my wife cared. We have been together for almost 24 years now. She started off a little on the heavy side and went nowhere but up. I cannot discuss it with her for hear of offending her. And she has convinced herself there is nothing she can do about it. I stay in the relationship only for two reasons, our children, and because I made a promise. But I do feel trapped.

  • MPK

    Psychologically I suppose you may be right, but I am not too sure even about that. A lot of men struggle with self-medicating through food too. But usually it is drink or drugs, or porn. The physics of it are the same though. Too many empty calories and too little physical activity.

  • Mommadukes

    I love this! It is 100% on point 🙂