How to Help Your Kids Grow in Their Gifts


Each child has gifts and talents. It’s our job a parents to help them to grow in those areas of giftedness. Here are a few ways to do so.

Observe what your child is attracted to. What does your child do well? For example, your child may be mechanically inclined, musically focused, or have excellent hand-eye coordination.

Ask your child, “What are you really good at?” Ask your child’s mother, “What is our child’s greatest strength?”

Tell your child what you see as his or her greatest gifts.

Validate your child’s giftings. Regularly affirm your child’s gifts and new ones as they emerge. Discuss how your child’s gifts can be used for good.

Grow. Helping your child to grow his or her gifts takes action. If your child displays musical talent, take them to watch a concert pianist. If your child has great hand-eye coordination, watch a tennis match together. If a curiosity of nature is your child’s thing, read a book about plants and animals, watch a nature documentary, and take your child on a hike or go camping.

What are some other creative ways you’ve found to help your kids grow in their gifts? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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