Honoring Our Fathers on Father’s Day

The Merrill Family


As I continue my journey in life, I’m thinking more about the future. “What do I have left to do?” “What legacy do I want to leave?” These are the kinds of questions I’m asking myself.

But, as we approach Father’s Day, I want to relish my role as a dad and reflect upon the many years with my own dad who is now 84.

I want to thank him. I want to salute him. I want to honor him. He is my dad and I love him deeply!

For my dad’s 80th birthday, we put together this video and showed it at our family dinner in his honor. It would take millions of words for me to say what this video says. Even if you can’t watch all 12 minutes, maybe you’ll take time to watch a couple of minutes. Then, I hope you’ll spend a few minutes today thinking about your own dad and how you might honor him this Father’s Day.

How will you honor your dad this Father’s Day? It would be great if you would share what you’ll do so others may be inspired to do the same!



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