First Time Obedience


In a previous blog, I shared 7 foundational principles of discipline. These are basic principles that every parent should know.  Now, let’s build upon those principles and talk about how you can get your child to obey the first time, without a struggle. First time obedience is a vital part of discipline.  Sound impossible? It’s not. See if this sounds familiar.

Mom:  “Lucy, please get in your pajamas honey, it’s time for bed.”
Lucy:   “Why? Why do I have to go to bed now? Sally doesn’t have to.”
Mom:   “Lucy, get in your pajamas, now.”
Lucy:   “But Mom, why? Why do I have to go to bed now?!”
Mom:   “Lucy, I want you to get into your pajamas.”

Now, Lucy really did not want to sit down and discuss it with her mother, did she?  Most kids don’t.  So what are they really trying to do?  That’s right, they just want to buy time and figure out a way to avoid doing what you’re asking them to do.  So, instead of taking the bait and having an argument with your children, simply say “Obey first, and then we’ll talk about it.” Will your child then come back to you and want to discuss it?  Of course not.  Try it out and let me know how it goes.

And be sure to check out my blog on Monday for The Wise Appeal which is the next step once your child learns to obey the first time.

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