How to Reduce the Stress Level in Your Life

stress level

I confess. Sometimes I run the car until the gas gauge is past empty; I arrive at the airport just a few minutes before the flight departs; or, I rush from meeting to meeting with no time in between. What does that cause? Stress…and it’s self-imposed! But in recent years, I’m addressing it by building more margin into my life and my families’ life.

Here are some ways you can build margin in your family life too and as a result, reduce stress.

Are You Holding a Grudge Against Someone?

holding a grudge

I heard recently of a man who hasn’t spoken to his father in over a decade. The two had a falling out over something and though the son can’t remember exactly what the problem was, he’s adamant that he is not going to be the one to try to put things right. How sad—ten years of a relationship lost which can never be recovered.

6 Steps to Control Your Crazy Busy Life

busy life

In so many meetings and on phone calls I’ve had recently, I’ll ask the other person, “So, how you doing?” Most of the time I get a similar answer, something like, “Doin’ fine, just crazy busy!”

Now some people are stretched to the max through no fault of their own—maybe they are a single parent, or their spouse is sick or some other challenge is making them really busy. They’re not choosing the pressure, and they need all the help and support the rest of us can give them to keep going.