Busy Schedules = Missed Opportunities

I’ll bet most of you guys have told someone in the last week how busy you are.  I’ll also bet that a lot of your children, like mine, are scrambling from one activity to another after school and on weekends.  Your busy schedule, plus your child’s busy schedule equals missed opportunities to enjoy life and each other.  We need to start saying “no” to more things outside the home and “yes” to more things inside.  We need to stop the fast forward button in our lives and hit the play button.  Wrestle on the floor with your children.  Build a fort in the backyard with your son.  Have a pretend tea party with your little girl. My kids love it when the “tickle monster” shows up. I chase them around the house, catch them, and tickle them.  Just enjoy being with them doing what they like to do. Make time for them… you’ll be glad you did.

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