All Pro Dad Men’s Study Week Six: Know You’re a Model


Know you’re a model.  In week 6 of the All Pro Dad men’s study we’re not talking about physical good looks.  Rather, we’re talking about outwardly modeling a life that is worthy for our children (and wives) to follow.  It is easy for us to see others as role models, from professional athletes to our own fathers, but unfortunately we often don’t think of ourselves in this way.  We are all role models, even though sometimes we’d prefer not to have that responsibility.  Do you remember the Charles Barkley “I am not a role model” ad campaign?

Mr. Barkley has it only half right – parents should be role models.  Like it or not, when you become a father you also become a role model.  Your children will always be watching your every move.  Do you remember watching your father as a child?  You probably learned things, both positive and negative, from him simply by observing how he lived out his life.  Our Family First social media guru, Jeremy, had some great things to share with our group about his dad so I asked him to share his thoughts below:

Growing up my dad was definitely my role model.  I truly admired his work ethic.  He worked long hours at his actual job before coming home to clock in at his second “job.”  I often remember him coming in from a long day at the office and jumping right into helping my mom with household projects or working through homework with me and my brother.  There’s no doubt he would have enjoyed sitting down in front of the television to relax, but he put our family first and made sure we were cared for.

I also remember watching him adore my mom.  Through his acts of service around the house to making sure he took her out on regular dates, he made sure she knew she was loved.  He definitely led our house through love.  My dad taught me the importance of hard work and selflessness through moments like these and he did it without saying a word to me.

Jeremy’s memories about his dad point out the truth in the statement, “Our children learn more by what is caught than by what is taught.”  There are times when, as fathers, we’ll need to sit down with our children to teach them.  But it is important to always be mindful that some of our greatest teaching moments arise when our kids watch us living out a life devoted to our families.  In fact, sacrifice is a hallmark of the best role models.

If you have kids, have you seen them imitate things that you do or say?  Or do you remember something that you watched your father do when you were a child that impacted your life?  Leave your thoughts below in the comments section.

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